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IF-FUEL™ has been formulated to offer complete Intermittent Fasting support. Geared to energize both the mind and body with it's nutrient rich content, IF-FUEL™ was designed to allow safe and productive exercise while remaining in "the fasted state." This uniquely engineered plant and amino based formula can allow for longer, more comfortable fasting intervals and will maximize the incredible biological effect that fasting has on the body. For those entering the world of "IF," IF-FUEL™ will allow you to comfortably transition as your body adapts to your new pattern of eating. Mental and physical endurance, mental clarity, fat loss, and a heightened sense of well-being may all be apparent with this product. IF-FUEL™ will meet all your multi vitamin, anti-oxidant, pre-workout, BCAAs, appetite control, Growth Hormone secretion, and mood enhancing requirements. This is a revolutionary product with some of the most capable phytonutrients on earth; this product performs and delivers exactly as it is intended to...

DISCLAIMER: If you do not feel a significant improvement in your "fasted" training session's, contact us via email, send back the remaining portion and we will begin the return and refund process.

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