Testimonials were provided while IF-FUEL™ was in it's final testing phase...  

"Well rested, rejuvenated, ready for work, ready to tackle my workouts. My body is healing much faster after each workout and I feel phenomenal during my fasting periods. Fasting sixteen hours is a breeze with this product, hunger issues are non-existent..."  Christina S.,34

"I love this product, very unique, I was pleasantly surprised after two weeks of use. I fast for 16 hours a day and do not even blink an eye while using IF-FUEL, this was not the case before I started this. I used to struggle through my fast and really had to push myself to power through and found myself often glancing at the clock. Very different with this product, mentally I feel sharper during the day, with an incredible amount of clean, positive energy. I will not fast without this product." Sara D.,39

"Much more energy and focus throughout my day. My workouts have been intense, great product."  Mike B.,37

"I am a single mother with three kids, 51 years old that works full time in my own practice. I also exercise and train for mini-marathons, eat only organic foods and try and live an overall healthy life. I have been doing Intermittent Fasting for over a year now and I find it challenges me with my mental clarity and energy level by about mid afternoon. When I take this product on my workout days along with my non-workout days I feel great!! Now I am at the point where I can not imagine my busy life without this product." Beth R.,51

"As a multi-sport, weight specific world class athlete, I have a wealth of experience with fasting. Still competing well into my fifties, I find the support from the product to be invaluable. I have had issues with blood sugar, energy, and my appetite while training in the fasted state. Training in the fasted state is a pleasure with this product, it has allowed me to recover much faster, increased my strength, energy, focus, and overall sense of well being. This product has become a part of my current and future lifestyle. I would definitely recommend this product, especially to those over 40." Mike M.,56

"Recovery aspect has been huge. Feeling like my body is recovering much faster between workouts, which has been a losing battle as the years passed. Will definitely keep using this product. I mix mine with a diet ice tea drink and it's good to go!!  Timothy P.,41

"I am 49 years old and I compete in professional pool tournaments every weekend, I have been looking for something that would give me endurance and energy without making me jittery. My tournaments last for up to 10 hours, I took this product 30 minutes prior to the start. I have to say I never expected this product to perform the way that it did. My nerves were steady and my focus and endurance was off the charts. Needless to say I placed third out of 95 competitors. I normally eat at three different points throughout my tournaments, I DID NOT EAT UNTIL IT WAS OVER and even at that, I was not even hungry, but I felt as though I should be eating. I would definitely recommend this product and I will continue to use it. Bogie U.,49

"Tons of energy during the day. Killing it at work and in the gym! Yes, I would recommend this product to anyone considering "IF." Brian N.,36

"I have weight trained for 14 years and I have tried many supplements throughout, none of them ever seeming to live up to the hype. This product was different from day one, giving me a boost mentally and physically from my first dose. My work productivity has improved as have my workouts. Sick pumps, no jittery energy like your traditional pre-workout drinks and this clean focused feeling that seems to last forever. Really cool product and it's actually good for you, which is not typical...In the world of sports performance nutrition, when something actually works, it tends not to be that good for you! I will continue this product for sure." Anthony S.,42