About Us

IF4LIFE™ is a privately owned company focused on bringing innovative and cutting edge nutritional supplements to the market... Our product line is designed specifically to support the “Intermittent Fasting” lifestyle. Our supplements are derived from nature’s most powerful superfoods, antioxidants, and adaptogenic herbs. We understand phytonutrients and the enormous health benefits they possess.

The alliance between proper herbal supplementation and “Intermittent Fasting” presents an unstoppable force in our relentless quest for health and vitality.

Thomas Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest patients in the maintenance of the human frame, in diet, and in prevention of disease.”  IF4LIFE™, as a corporation, has been built on this very principle. It is our belief that “Intermittent Fasting”, combined with appropriate herbal supplementation, has the unique ability to fight disease, balance the body and drastically slow the aging process. Knowledge is power… we urge you to exercise your due diligence on the life altering, life extending capabilities of “IF” and the truly amazing phytonutrients within our products. The science is relevant, the logic is there, and studies are present.   

Leading our Research and Development team here at IF4LIFE™ is Mike Mullins. Mike was a multi sport national and world class competitive athlete. He holds numerous national records in Olympic weightlifting within the masters divisions (over 35). He has over 40 years of real world experience in weight-specific competitions and still competes nationally (USAW.) Through the years, he was able to cut weight for competitions while maintaining all of his strength throughout.  This was achievable through “Intermittent Fasting,” proper nutrition and herbal supplementation. Mike is a master personal trainer and sports performance nutritionist with a post graduate degree in Naturopathy. Simple Definition of naturopathy:

  • “The treatment of illness by using diet, herbs, exercises, etc., without using standard drugs or surgery.” Source: Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Mike understands exactly how it’s done…he’s lived it, he breathes it, and he comprehends it...Currently there are some amazing products in the pipeline…in fact our second “superfood” supplement, which is in the developmental stage, is only months away from launch.  Below is Mike competing at the Nationals in 2010 at 48 years young...

It is our belief that phytonutrients and/or superfoods are the future of modern medicine. Phytonutrients possess amazing life changing properties, including the ability to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, prevent chronic disease and slow the aging process as we know it. Furthermore, they have been known to play a crucial role in the body’s immune function and overall health and well being. Nature has provided all of us with beautiful, powerful, life-altering gifts; It is our mission here at IF4LIFE™ to share our extensive knowledge regarding phytonutrients and all the power that they possess.                                                                                                          

Ralph Milton, 41 Founder of IF4LIFE™


It is my belief that the natural anti-aging, disease prevention, and fat burning effect that "Intermittent Fasting" has on the body is truly remarkable. In my opinion fasting is by far the healthiest and smartest way we age. Intermittent Fasting will allow you to stay in shape year round with minimal effort, minimal food prep, and ZERO CARDIO. The health benefits that come from "IF" are incredible, some of which include  blood pressure regulation, blood sugar stabilization,  improved cholesterol profiles, improved cardiovascular health, and of course FAT LOSS. Supporting my belief is Mr. Yoshinori Ohsumi who just happened to receive the Nobel prize in October of 2016  for "scientifically proving that fasting is beneficial to your health." http://www.pravoslavie.ru/english/print97617.htm

For most of us, if something is good but we have the ability to make it better, we will do just that...By incorporating EXERCISE while the body remains in the "fasted state" we can increase the fat burning and anti-aging effect that fasting has on the body tremendously.

Unfortunately, without proper nutritional supplementation (vitamins, minerals, amino's, and antioxidants that will support, but not remove the body from the "fasted state") exercising while in the "fasted state" will begin to have a negative effect rather quickly.  Three years ago when I was introduced to the world of Intermittent Fasting I was completely blown away by the science behind it all...How it worked biologically on the body, the fat burning, the anti-aging, the blood pressure stabilization, the liver detoxification, the anti-tumor and cancer fighting properties and not to mention the fact that my body would now allow the release of Growth Hormone while I was awake! I was intrigued to say the least...

After a month of research, I took the plunge and entered the world of Intermittent Fasting. After three short weeks of training and fasting, it was apparent there were issues that needed to be addressed immediately. Fat loss was noticeable at this point, which was positive, but I was sluggish through my fasts and my body was not recovering from my workouts the way it used to. When I arrived for my 5:00am training session as usual, there was no denying the fact that I was not physically or mentally prepared for my workout. My endurance was not there and I had little to "no pump" while I was training. Not to mention the lapse of time between the end of my training session and the beginning of my first meal...I WAS HUNGRY AND CRANKY!

After 14 months of research, development, and testing, IF-FUEL™ was born...A truly incredible, all natural compound that offers the ultimate in Intermittent Fasting support. This uniquely engineered plant and amino based will allow for longer more comfortable fasting intervals, allow you to exercise while in the "fasted state,"  and support every biological effect that Intermittent Fasting has on the body. It comes with great pleasure and honor to introduce IF-FUEL™ to the world of Intermittent Fasting.